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The House of 1833; Historic Inn furnished with period 18th and 19th century antiques; National Landmark Inn;

'Asparagus Pinwheels'

Start with a delightfully green spinach tortilla
Fill with a baked egg and onion creation
Top with fresh roma tomatoes, nuance of cheese, dash of sour cream
Fold this green circle into a cone and then accent with a 'rotation' of fresh asparagus...yum!

'The Tuscan Breakfast'

A lattice of parmesan reggiano cheese baked on parchment
On this foundation is placed polenta
Then crowned by a classic French cheese souffle (France shares a 'border' with Italy, after all)
Then graced by a 'very light' 3 mushroom cream sauce or light pesto cream sauce (based on market availability or our garden).

'The Louis Croissant'

A lightly toasted croissant as foundation
A glorious classic French spinach baked atomic creation
Topped with layers of melted Finlandia Swiss cheese
Crowned by a light cream sauce

'Eggs Oaxaca'...get out your passports...We're going to Mexico!

4 kinds of peppers...red, green, yellow, and orange married with caramelized onion
Then gently blended with an egg confection
Lightly baked inside of red/tomato tortilla triangle points
Finished off with sour cream, fruit salsa, and optional hot, hot, hot pepper salsa from our neighbor's garden

'1833 Stuffed French Toast'

Start with the 'freshest' baked breads: local Portuguese sweet bread, peasant bread, cheese bread, or other
Add a light coating of tapioca pudding to that egg battered creation
Stuff with freshly chopped 'fresh fresh' peaches, apple or whatever the 'market' provides
Bake lightly and then finish off with fresh whipped cream...yes...made with heavy whipping cream

The 1833 'more than a' pancake

Start with freshly made batter which includes sour cream and corn meal (never give out the full recipe on the 'first date' after all)
Add fresh apple, fresh banana, butternut squash, zucchini, strawberry, blueberry, or corn and in any combination
And then add the most 'New England' of ingredients...cheddar cheese
Crown with real Connecticut maple syrup and butter...did we say 'butter!'

Most dishes are accented with Mozart Trio potatoes...a zany, madcap mix of three potatoes featuring sweet potatoes and of course, our own 1833-turkey sausage or maple glazed pork sausage

...and as we like to say (and mean it)...we like to put a full pound of butter in our pound cake........Enjoy!

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