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The Oyster Club has been a local favorite in Mystic since its doors opened in 2011. It was originally a small carriage house in the historic district of downtown Mystic, but was renovated to function as a restaurant while keeping its historic New England charm. It weaved its way into the heart of the community by providing artisan food using locally sourced produce and seafood. Just like the building the restaurant was located, Owner Dan Meiser, Executive Chef James Wayman, and Chef de Cuisine Amy Hussey strive to tell a story with every dish they serve. The Oyster club is not just a place to eat, but to experience New England at it's finest. 

What also makes it unique is it's constantly changing menu. Their Lunch menu is changed seasonally as well as their cocktails and their dinner menu is actually changed daily. Guests can get an idea of the gourmet dishes they might get by looking on their website which features the daily dinner menu. Obviously the restaurant always serves delicious oysters for guests to enjoy. The oysters often features options like Connecticut Niantic Bay Oysters, Noank Oysters, Rhode Island Ninigret oysters, Quonnie Rocks, Little Necks, and Cherry Stones. For dinner guests can choose from oysters as well as a first and main course.

On Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm the restaurant also features Brunch. The Brunch menu is also seasonally changed, but usually contains the classic brunch items with gourmet interpretations and twists. Be sure to check the website for the current Brunch menu as well as their weekly deals for different deals on everything from drinks to actual meals.

Above the restaurant is the outdoor restaurant called the Treehouse. Its owned by the same people as the Oyster club, but provides outside dining with gorgeous view of Mystic Connecticut. The menu doesn't include as many oysters, but a consistent menu of sandwiches, salads, tacos and seafood.

Whether you are visiting Oyster Club for the oysters or for an adventurous experience, the Oyster Club is a must-eat. It hold all the charm of New England withing its famously orange doors and you can taste the chef's love of cooking in every dish.
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